Happy Video Game Day (July 8th)!!

In light of such a great day (though NATIONAL Video Game Day comes Sept 8th), I wanted to talk about a couple games from certain consoles that stick in my memory bank as “Greatest Hits”. Isn’t it great that we get 2 Video Game Days to celebrate?

NINTENDO: Where do you start with Nintendo? So many games, Duck Hunt, Mega Man 2, Metroid, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Bust A Move, Super Mario Bros 1,2, 3 OY! But off the top of my head I give kudos to:



This game was so addicting and paved the way for Lemmings, The Lost Vikings, all of which were mindbogglingly addicting. Oh I miss this one.

SUPER NINTENDO: What else is there to say about this EPIC console (which blew Sega Genesis out of the water), Super Mario World, Final Fantasy 2/4 (Best one EVER, slight edge over FF3/6), Killer Instinct, Mortak Kombat, Lufia, Breath of Fire, Chrono Trigger (yea I’m an RPG girl) but we all know we gotta give kudos to this beast right here:



Why? because not only can I beat ANYONE at this OG one but the character select, paving the way for Peach’s fame. Did anyone else fight for Koopa all the time? I never used the Brothers here. I liked Koopa/Toad for their overall performance, Peach/Yoshi for acceleration, or Bowser/DK for their top speed and heavy duty bumps HA!

GENESIS: So yea of course I had the Sega Genesis and though Altered Beast was probably THE game for that particular system, I would say this guy right here was my favorite game to play:



I really liked playing as Miles aka Tails going through the ring portals and the game play was just way too fun. This one is my favorite Sonic of all time to date.

SONY PLAYSTATION: And here came yet another game changer. Final Fantasy 7 no doubt about it, Chrono Cross, and Resident Evil’s debut. This console really was a tough one to beat. Despite the excessively slow loading screens, this one paved the way (hello PS1,2,3 and 4!). Alas, one game that is always left forgotten:

Bust-a-Groove [U] [SCUS-94263]-front


Needless to say, Shorty was my favorite character (I REALLY did dress like that back in High School), and if you love dancing, love hot music, and want to mess with friends for a good time, this game NEVER gets old … (Ok maybe for a bit when I was EXCESSIVELY good). I want to play this one NOW!

NINTENDO 64: This console was magically. The controllers, the games, and “64”. But though it had Smash Bros, it’s this franchise  that started on this console that changed family fun night forever.



PC: Ok so I wanted to throw this category in here although this one is purely unfair because of the constant renewal and upgrades. From Sierra games, to Roller Coaster Tycoon, The Sims, Age of Empire, Counter Strike, Doom, Duke Nukem, Monkey Island… But I’m gonna drop a Sierra Game. No it’s not King’s Quest or Space Quest but… This Armenian horndog right here:


I literally played this QUITE illegally, as you had to be 18 to play but let’s face it, the quiz to prove you’re of age in the beginning was almost as fun as the game. The whole thing: Lose your virginity tonight! HA! And I miss typing “Open Door” or “Beat up cab driver”, or “F*ck slut”… Just to see what you get. This was an excellent adventure game. Priceless and timeless.

MOBILE GAMES: Yea so Farmville, Draw Something, Candy Crush, and Restaurant Story might have occupied me for some time, but oddly enough I have yet to get sick of this nutty game (note I am not counting the games I had to pay for):



You gotta admit, flipping burgers, making lasagna, and cakes and succeeding as time gets faster and customers get gradually more difficult is all too fun. And you get some comic strips in between. Oh Stand O’ Food! Thank you for 2 and 3!

PS3: Yet again, another tough one. The Last of Us, LA Noire, and all them games I got in cue… All the games I have played be it Arkham City, Bethesda stuff, Guitar Hero… I have to give it to this one no doubt about it:



I do wish I played this on a PC, with all the mods. Then again I don’t know if I’d still have  a life, considering…. I played Skyrim since it’s release in 2011 up to now, and don’t feel tired of it AT ALL. Yet.

ARCADE: Oh Arcades have so much to offer including Purikura and Crane Games. Japan has the finest Arcades in the world. But here, when Japanese games aren’t avail, and DDR isn’t doing it — When I find this one, I gravitate (TAITOOO)!:



Still lot of consoles to cover, my game cube, Wii U of course and the handhelds: Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, DS Lite and the 3DS but Imma stop here.


EATS in LA: Irv’s Burger and Mashti Malone’s

A burger and ice cream is a perfect meal combo. Here in Los Angeles, Irv’s Burger is infamously known as one of the best classic burger in town. Not only does it do an American classic right at classic prices, this burger stand sits as a historic landmark on reknown Santa Monica Blvd. Sadly after many years of business, Irv’s will be closing shop. After eating up a burger and delicious fresh fries, I along with Josh satisfy the Los Angeles heat with some quality ice cream at Mashti Malone’s. You’d never know by the storefront but this ice cream shop is filled with great favors both unique to it’s brand and known to all. Plus, everything is homemade there is no other taste like it! Join us as we introduce you to a nice meal of a hamburger and ice cream! Prepare to get hungry !

For a little more on my thoughts, check out my reviews on yelp for these establishments!

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E3 2013

Last week was the long awaited E3 Expo 2013. This was a huge one for me — it was not only my first E3 experience, but it was also the first time I had the opportunity to come face to face with Microsoft’s XBOX ONE and Sony’s PLAYSTATION 4. Both are coming out later this year, and both have been consoles that we have been waiting for … for a long time. The specs came out, the look, the controllers, and the games ….! Though the Wii U has already been released, the 3DS and Wii U excited me with games that are going to come out in the near future (though not soon enough). It was such a great experience…! Ah, let me just share it right here:

I really can’t wait for FFXV ! It just might be the one to take me back to the good ol’ FF days… Maybe… Ok probably not but it looks like a good game. And I want ALL my friends to come over and play some Wii U like a fun house!

In the meantime, I’m finishing up THE LAST OF US. Not complaining though, I HIGHLY recommend it (review coming soon).

WWE Payback PPV: My highlights!

IMO, this was the BEST WWE PPV of the year. The (possible) double-turn in the Del Rio/Ziggler match. The DIVAs match was surprisingly one of the best matches of the night. CM Punk’s return. Not only did he come out, he battled it up in the ring as well, and won. Though he did seem to be coming out of a long time nap… Sleeper irony. Even the Cena/Ryback 3 stages of hell match was surprisingly entertaining… Yoshi Tatsu and Cesaro sighting anyone? When Cena splashed into 31 lumberjacks and they all fell down, that was TEAM AWESOME!

I gotta say for the Del Rio/Ziggler match, the possibility of a double turn was pretty epic. Don’t think we’ve seen something like that since Stone Cold/Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 13!. When Del Rio was walking into the ring, I kinda was harping on how he doesn’t interest me too much… But his relentless (low)blow to the previously concussioned head of Dolph… Can we get any more heelish than this? It was awfully mean… and Del Rio suddenly became interesting to me again. Ziggler as a face could work for me too…

Although I do absolutely positively LOVE the trio that is Dolph-BigE-AJ ! If Dolph were to turn… Will AJ stay heel? Will that break their relationship up? Interesting to see how things will work because… AJ does seem the type to gravitate her love towards superstars that aid in catapulting her fame! I do love me some AJ, and since she’s been with Dolph she went from zero to hero for me real fast…

The Divas match was awesome. I’m not gonna lie, for the most part Divas matches don’t really tickle my fancy. But this one was great. So proud of these girls. They had a lenghtly storyline, they had a phenomenal match. Kaitlyn blows AJ a kiss and causes her own demise. Love that black widow. Lots of butt shots. Just a fantastic match. Kaitlyn rocks the spear. And Big E on the sidelines supporting his buddy… Boom. GREAT Match. I actually felt SORRY for Kaitlyn. I really did! I was kinda hoping she would win, but something in me … I knew it was AJ Lee’s time…

As AJ gets her butterfly, Dolph loses his championship. Curtis Axel got the IC Championship like his father the late Mr. Perfect. There were tears in his eyes and though… Fandago taking it would have been so great for me… It was father’s day and it felt right.

As for The Shield and their respective matches… Anything with The Shield seems a bit predictable. I am torn because The Shield are EPIC indeed, but they always win their match (except Friday’s Smackdown). I know that Kane vs. Dean Ambrose is a great match, but I didn’t like that it ended in a countout. I don’t necessarily think Seth pinning Kane would make him look weak…  And no matter WHERE Daniel Bryan is… he is always the people’s winner. I do love me some Roman Reigns though.

Pleased to see CM Punk make a comeback (though Heyman volunteered the man), he seemed a little off… I don’t think he was off in his moves and wrestling…After all, it was a great match against Jericho… But you know, tons of people expected this match to be the best match of the night (if CM Punk was in the ring and he was), but it wasn’t. Punk just seemed a bit more frustrated and I felt like there were indicators that a Punk/Heyman breakup could be in the future.

The  3 stages of hell match was almost comical… Comically good. You add 30+ lumberjacks, my favorite: PROPS tables, and a pliable ambulance with enough crutches for all the lumberjacks, and you got yourself a ridiculous but fun fun match! Cena’s splash, Cena trying to stuff Ryback in the driver seat, and Ryback pushing the table off… So good. Was that ambulance even driveable after Cena threw Ryback through the cardboard?

But I ramble. I loved this PPV, I really did. And though Sandow didn’t get his preshow win (which we all knew he wouldn’t), it was lovely seeing him in there. Everytime he is out of his fabulous robe and in his… beard… Me loves a Sandow match.

Some championship holders stayed the same, but there were a couple terrific swaps. I have more to say, but check this out as I recap with these fellas (lucky me!):

Game Control Live! E3 2013 Edition

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Game Control Live / June 1st 2013

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AFTERBUZZ TV presents Game Control Live! A new video game online discussion show that breaks down the latest in gaming news, events, and rumors. On today’s discussion, hosts Dave Klein, Raychul Moore, Grant Kohrmann, Kaori Takee, and John Quick discuss:
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